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How do I call suzuki? Currently stuck saying 'call her between 21:00 and 01:00' but her name isn't in the call list on the phone?

What version do i need to download to get the groping scenes with any of the NPC's?



I really liked the game but unfortunately I can't play it, after character creation the game goes to a black screen and all I can do is close the game


Same, it's horrible.

do you have animation


I can't install the Android update, what do I do?

Delete the old version and then install the new one. If you do, check the memory on your phone. It should be at least 8GB.


is anyone else's game extremely laggy? i know for sure it isnt my pc. It started happening after progressing in the game and now that i unistalled and created a new game it is still very laggy. (NPC's put at minimum with minimum activity)

Hello, I was on the path of romance with meiko tsukaso and stuck in the moment where you can go on a date what to do to continue the path of romance

For the developers i want to say something can you please fix all the bugs and errors even though its a great game the error screen is starting to get to piss me so pls can you fix this in the next update

ps: love the game From: one of your game fan

We fix the bug that the players send us, so the only thing that can be done here is to send us bug so that we fix them.

If I buy the 

Getting a Patreon Code of the Best Friend tier for the current version of the game

Will it be usable in newer versions of the game?

Patreon codes change the moment they become publicly available. In other words, they may not change and the years may change in a month.

I absolutely love this game! However I keep getting an error screen at random times when I try to do things, and it's making it kind of hard to play. Is there any way to fix this?

We fix the error that the players send us, so the only thing that can be done here is to send us error so that we fix them.

I sent the error in the discord

I am getting an index error in a beach scene.


Great game but need to fix about error' screen


Hey, I paid the $12 to get v934.  And the windows version works.  But when I tried to play on my Steam deck ( Linux version ) It asks me for a patreon code.  Game won't accept my E-mail address.  Am I missing something?


When buying, you should have been given a patreon code. If there is none, write to the discord of the game and/or by email


I like the game and its concept.  but, I get the error screen all the time.  and one of the positioms bug  the whole interface. But its a good game

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This is just me being weird. But the 'look like a girl' appearance thing doesn't really make your character look feminine. I'm just curious but is there a way to make your character straight up look like a girl (I'm kinda into trap x girl style things that's why).


The version 932 is full of bugs from the beginning. I downloaded this version on android and on PC. And there and there a lot of bugs

Good evening developer. I have a question about the patreon support system. Lets say i buy the best friend tier thing and acquire a patreon code of said tier. I will enjoy all of the privileges that the tier will give, for this version only? What will happen when the next one drops? Is there a way (other than patreon monthly support, sorry but i lack the funds for that) to perhaps pay once to permanently have access to the new versions when they launch (not the free versions, the ones that turn free after 2 weeks or so). I don't care about the cheats nor the advanced settings, as fun as they might be im interested only on the latest versions. Thanks in advance, if you don't understand my question please inform me. 

Hello. Buying on itch assumes the same thing as subscribing to a patreon however, there may be minor differences in the total amount of your "subscription". At the moment, buying a subscription, you provide yourself with the same Steam key that will be distributed to everyone who bought the game, but at the time of development and early access, everything works the same as on Patreon. On all platforms

What should i do after Ayano told me to stop fighting, she has gone missing after that

If she disappeared from the occult club, then perhaps you have started a branch related to the manager? In this case, there is a rearrangement and she spends all her time in the vocal club.

Real time cock blocking in co-op 😂

You know what would be fire? Co-op with real time going. Everything still flowing while your talking and you can get attacked or interrupted like it already has but you play with a friend... It would rock!

Co-op is simple enough to do, but it will not be so necessary for the main number of subscribers

It's just a simple wish, I think it would be something you could implement after full release to steam. That way people can play this game with there friends across steam and share crazy stories. As I type this right now for some reason I feel excited at the thought of going stupid with friends in your school game 😂 congrats by the way, this is a masterpiece!


I keep getting an error and I don't know what to do.

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Before I can play it on joiplay but now it won't, why is that?

And how to increase the action points or my damage when fighting?

And how to cook?

You can improve up the number of action points with dexterity, and damage with forces

Guide cook:


Is this possible?genderless npc?

A bug?


Yes, it's bug

non-binary 😂😂

After i kick Yuki out of the student council, i was supposed to call Hitomi on the weekend to go on a date but she doesn't answer my calls. The journalism club story is continuing as normal. Is this a bug or am i doing something wrong?


It should take some time for the call to pass successfully. It seems like this is mentioned in the conversation between your character and Hitomi.

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i waited for about three weeks, it shouldn't take that long right? Also the journalism club story is stuck, the blackmail percentage for the first girl is stuck at 1% at level three, pretty sure that's a bug. 

Update: i tried calling Hitomi during the night and she answered but not really, it gave me the option to invite her to my home and when i did an RNPC that i never met came to my house, and to be honest i encountered a lot of bugs on update 932 a long with this and i can't list them all, i hope update 933 is better when it becomes free, except the bugs i really liked the game, i hope for a bright future for this game


add more stuff with guys!!

Greetings developer, I got interested and decided to look into the files of version 932. It's just something, I hope you will continue to develop this game in the future, as this game is of the highest class for me, if necessary, I'm ready for at least my whole life support, because this game is worth it) I'm looking forward to the next updates))

Thank you for your kind words! We are glad that you liked our game.

lot of potential, but i get a lot of error's, one has made me have to stop playing as i'm in a permanent loop of trying to restart the game, being put back into the same error, rolling back, and being forced to have to go into the error once again.



The game is really fun and interesting and the art is amazing! But I've been through a couple problems as in when I go to the boutique and go to buy there's always an error message and it always leads to the main menu when I try choose ignore or rollback is there Any way to fix this? 

The Mac version is asking for a patreon-code instead of my email, but I wasn't given a code? How do I fix this? :) 

Write about it by email or in discord Ne Kaito#7745

And so the code should be issued when buying itch itself, but for this you need to click on the purchase in the reward itself. This is the system of this platform and, unfortunately, we cannot solve it

Got some problem with the android. When I tried starting the game after the introduction it always says error npc5


Completely delete the game, clear the cache and try again


Why....Why can't I be with boys to😭


You can kiss them and hug them, that's not bad either


But I need more pleaseee if you could consider adding more content for the boys I would love that. I love the girls and everything but I wanna be able to do things with the boys to🥺


Um,my question may seem idiot but in the we can expect to play with a female main character? I like this game a lot but i feel uncomfortable playing with a male character.

p.s:i'm a lesbian girl ;p


This goal is indicated on the patreon. As soon as the donations there reach $5,000, we will make such an opportunity

kaito!!!This is one of the most visual novel games i played! Not kidding its the only game in my mind that milked the sandbox+visual novel genre..Thank you for making this Game! I learned alot besides the sex but It has the same elements in real life...


So I downloaded School Game about a year or two ago, and it worked fine on android, but after I got the newer versions it stopped working. It's a really great game, but I can't play it anymore because of that. sad :(

If you say that you do not have the game installed, then first delete the new version, and then install the new version. This way everything will work for you.

I'll try that, thanks! :)

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I personally think it's a cool bug, but if you keep randomising your character at the beginning of the game, it doesn't set all your stats to the baseline before adding the 10 additional stat points.

pressing randomise gives your character an extra +10 stats

(edit): it also gives multiple traits! the pre-existing trait before randomising is kept checked, even after randomising. this goes for traits, height and external features.

Yeah, we know about it, but thank you for reporting it!

I'm stuck here, did I choose the wrong option?, I do date with her earlier and agree to delete her video to avoid route blackmail, and what should I do next?, I can't find anything that can be done to improve my relationship with her, So are there any solutions or suggestions?


Did you check the notebook in which the plot tasks are indicated, it is written there after you agree to delete the video and you become friends with her, that you have to be at the school at 6:00 pm to continue the branch

I do, but The quest has not changed, there are 2 options Record or Talk, and when i just do with erudition (Talk) without record and go date with her the quest does not change like "Put Video Camera in the Back room and/or Talk to girl", It's even the same quest as before I talked to her in the pool. And This happened too  when i have her video at backroom and choose " i have the video" or "Erudition"  (Both options have the same ending because I already have a meiko record) and also go to date with her, the quest has not changed like "With the help of blackmail to make girl do what you just want". 

Is this a bug? Or am I wrong in choosing the route??. I don't care even if I have to repeat from the beginning for a good story 

Good game but UI/HUD need to be a bit more refined , I occasionaly had issue with the ENG translation , had to pull out G-translate to understand some Russian message.  But yeah the freedom of choice is awesome , you can pretty much do anything with enough investment .

Thanks for kind words!


why does it keep saying 'npc1 not defined' on android?

where can i get drug

There are no drugs in the game

aphrodisiac is literally a drug also nvm I found it u can buy it on the computer with bootleg google icon

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Im not sure whats wrong with this game. I played it on android and had lots of bugs. thats why i wanted to try it on pc. But first thing that happens is an huge error message when i open the game  on pc. wtf. Im not sure why. If thats a known bug a solution would be nice.

If you downloaded the paid versions, then you need to enter your email in the input menu so that there are no errors. 

There's nothing you can do about the free one. Most of the errors are due to the fact that the device ignores most of the functions of the game or you transfer the saves from version to version, collecting more and more errors.

v933 I tried to play cards on my pc but it goes to an error message.  

We will fix it

v934 still can’t play cards.  Just an FYI

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